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 Year 12

Key Stage 5 - Year 12

Year 12 is a very important and crucial year at MIS for those students who choose to return to complete AS and A2 courses. Year 12 is the first of the two year A Level Course which is completed by a good number of our students. In Year 12, students enjoy the privilege of wearing their own clothes as part of their preparation for either university life or the "real world" after Year 13. At MIS, Year 12 helps our ladies and gentlemen to grow up as responsible, motivated, and confident young men and women. We encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning and respond positively to the expected standards of behaviour. We do our best to nurture personal qualities that encourage them to be: independent learners, self managers, new thinkers, team workers, explorers and respectful young men and women.

They are also encouraged to take advantage and get involved in after school activities, such as MUN, MISMUN, Senior Debating Team and for the past two years, we have students who have thrived and done exceptionally well, representing the school as Delegates at other schools in Qatar. The majority of Year 12 students also get involved in a Mentoring Scheme, during which in groups, they are assigned to all Year 7 tutor groups, to help and support Year 7 pupils as they settle and get used to Secondary School life.

Some students choose to leave MIS after their AS Studies, (Year 12), but some complete the full A Level qualification and leave at the end of Year 13.


Head of Year 12