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 Year 9

Key Stage 3 - Year 9

Students in Year 9 develop positive relationships and thinking skills.  They start to discover their character strengths that they most frequently use which in turn increases their self-awareness and prepares them for the “grand” task of tackling their GCSE work.

The scope and sequence of the students’ journey throughout this year enables them to acquire the skills for living a flourishing life and attaining academic achievement. These founding principles are:

·         Positive Purpose

·         Positive Emotions

·         Positive Accomplishment

·         Positive Health

·         Positive Relationships

·         Positive Meaning

I believe, here at MIS, by addressing “true education” with the above principles, we are simply allowing the pupils to follow the process of developing the ability to learn, apply, unlearn, relearn.

Year 9 is pivotal in all the above and I welcome the opportunity as HOY 9 to guide, teach and support these students enabling them to embrace year 10 and 11 with the stable assurance and confidence they seek.

Mrs Katie Davis