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On the Foundation Campus, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) from the UK which is a pre-cursor to the National Curriculum of England and Wales. This is implemented in English which is the only language of teaching on the Foundation Campus. The EYFS supports and encourages every child in becoming a competent learner who will be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured. The Early Learning Goals within the EYFS Framework build the secure foundations required for worthwhile learning experiences in our children's future lives. Our early education programme helps to nurture social, intellectual and physical well being, and thereby helps to equip children with the positive attitudes and habits of learning needed to embark on future education and life ahead.

On the Foundation Campus we understand the nature and needs of young children and how they learn. We recognise that children need to feel secure, valued and confident. We believe that children are active, independent learners and that each child is an individual who joins our school with a range of previous experiences to build upon. We recognise the importance of careful adult involvement and understand that an invaluable strong partnership is required between children's parents and their carers. We believe that exploring through play is at the very centre of children's learning. We aim to nurture children's natural curiosity and thirst for learning, and guide this appropriately.  We wish for all our children to enjoy their early learning experiences and develop a positive attitude toward school where they will build confidence to explore, investigate and make sense of the world.

On the Foundation Campus we plan and provide a relevant, broad and balanced curriculum for all of our children. Children's learning experiences can range from independent, self-selected activities to directed and teacher-led activities. We recognise the importance of careful adult involvement.  We value the contribution made by parents/carers at home and work closely in partnership with them.

Curriculum Information for Parents - 2018-19 – Nursery