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 Key Stage 5

 Key Stage 5

The Sixth Form students are expected to be role models for all our younger students. All our younger students from Nursery to Year 11 will be looking up to the Sixth Formers and forming impressions about how to behave, dress, conduct themselves and treat others. It is essential that they show the maturity that comes with this role.

The Sixth Form at MIS aims to:- provide students with a broad and balanced curriculum;

- prepare students for the adult world;

- give students the skills they need for lifelong learning;

- make students more independent, self-disciplined and self-aware;

- allow students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers;

- give students a sense of respect for others and for themselves;

- lay the foundations for success at university and beyond.Students will normally be expected:

- to study FOUR subjects to AS Level and THREE at A Level. - to undertake a PSHE programme which will include Careers Guidance and a range of topics designed

   to broaden their education to increase your awareness and maturity.

- to attend 80 minutes of Physical Education a week.