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A happy student is one who is receptive to learning. The pastoral care at MIS covers any aspect of a student’s school life which has an impact of the quality of their learning experience.

At MIS, teaching classes, tutor groups and subject settings are organised to ensure that each student’s emotional and all round developmental needs are well known to form tutors and teachers.

Our pastoral care goals aim to:

  1. develop high self-esteem in students and support them in becoming effective learners, able to form positive relationships.
  2. ensure that each student becomes a valued contributor to the school House system.

In order to fulfil these pastoral care aims, parents have an extremely important role to play in maintaining good communication with us, to establish the “Trust and Partnership” required.

Research shows when parents are fully involved with school, students achieve:

  1. More success
  2. Better school attendance
  3. Increased motivation
  4. Better self-esteem

Do encourage your child to speak to teachers regardless of how small a problem may seem. Parents with concerns or worries are encouraged to contact us as early as possible.