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 MIS Model United Nations






International School Model United Nations (MISMUN) is a student-run organization that aims to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Our mission is to provide confidence in students wishing for their voices to be heard, to empower them, and to train them into becoming critical thinkers ultimately for a better tomorrow. We also provide students with the opportunity to connect and establish new friendships as well as equipping them with experiences they are likely to cherish throughout their lives. Furthermore, as representative of Mesaieed International School, we believe in unity in diversity, and stand for the broadening of horizons of students as our conferences embraces people with differing backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and experiences.


We aim to aid all students in their journey in becoming mature, open-minded individuals who take into consideration all viewpoints and attempt to solve world issues in logical and diplomatic way. Overall, we are committed to providing both enjoyment and productivity in every debate so that delegates can have the best possible MISMUN experience.



Secretary General
"I am Toqa Darwish and I currently hold the record for the shortest Secretary General of MIS. If you listen closely in the conference, you will definitely come across someone calling me "shorty" or "mini Toqa". I was forcefully pushed into MUN by my eldest sister, typically for the fancy certificate and I never imagined I would say this, but I loved every part of this journey."
"Of all the steps it has taken to get to this stage, I can honestly say, it’s been a rather unusual journey for me. For starters, I only signed up for MUN because a whole load of people went for it. What have I learned from this mind bending journey? It’s that we must never stick to the plan, and to spice things up, we have to be different. I am Johann Bambino, president for this year’s MISMUN conference. "
Deputy Secretary General
"Hey! My name is Gifty Tawiah and it has been a rollercoaster serving as this year’s MISMUN deputy secretary general. I must admit the grass is truly greener on the other side. The basic moral of my story is not to give up on your dream, but to work at it, to see it become a reality just as I am doing. I hope you have a fantastic time at MISMUN'16 because it’s bound to be spectacular!"
Deputy Secretary General
"Hello, my name is George Yaw Appiah, currently in year 12. I am the deputy secretary general of MISMUN and it is an extreme honour to be in that position. Personally I am quiet, tall and slim, no wonder I fear that my presence on the big stage might overshadow the audience! "
Deputy President
"Extrovert, professional procrastinator and awkward when talking about myself. My hobbies are breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may call me shallow, I see myself as an optimist. To me MUN is a medium through which we get to add our vision for a better tomorrow. My name is Shorouq Ghonim and I am the Deputy President this year."
Head of Press
"Shy, quiet and mouse-like yet a growling monster when you push the wrong buttons! Alternatively known as a banana, my dream world consists of fair rulers, groovy entertainment and a green world bathing in a state of peace. My one advice to you all, is to steer clear of my experimental baking if you wish to see the bright daylight of a new day! I am Jannatul Oyshi, your Head of Press this year."
Deputy Head of Press
"Benedicta is the name. I'm 17 and in year 13. Passionate reader and inquisitive about everything! Well, most things. I'm a very approachable young lady. As talkative as I am, someone once approached me and asked 'are you a member of MUN? You sound like one', and from then on I thought to myself, why not join? I serve you all as the Deputy Head of Press this conference."
Head of Admin
"I am Wendy Akuffo of year 12, the Head of Admin for MISMUN 2016. I have learnt that to position myself in this position, I have to be brave and take risks, because these are factors that allows you to grow. I am not only one, but I am “THE” one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something, and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the things I know I can do."
Deputy Head of Admin
"Hello I am Rebecca Macauley your deputy head of admin. Being someone who is in love with chocolate does make my life very risky because I would simply eat a poisoned chocolate just because it’s chocolate. Being an admin was my gateway of opportunity towards my love for MUN. Confidence, passion, and anxiety made me realize that I was willing to do this for as long as I will be able to."
Head of Information Technology
"Who am I? I am IRONMAN. Wait never mind he’s not as good looking as I am but having a butler such as JARVIS would be amazing and thanks to him I have this love of technology. One ordinary day in my life, I was viciously looking for something to eat when I saw this sign saying “Technology is best when it brings people together” and I forgot what I was looking for and found something rather more interesting. My name is Hassan Khan and I’m your Head of IT this year."