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The House System: 

The House System has been designed to encourage teamwork, cooperation, fair play, to offer students opportunities to participate in new and challenging activities and provide suitable teams for competitive school events.  During the school year students compete in their houses for the House Trophy which is presented at the end of the academic year.

House Points are awarded in four areas throughout the academic year:

·        Sporting – Including Sports Day and Inter-house Cross Country

·        Academic – Including Maths Day, The Spelling Bee, Science Day

·        Creative – Including The Talent Show and Art Competitions

·        The Merit System – Each merit awarded also counts as a House Point

All Students and staff at MIS belong to one of the following houses:

·        Oryx House who compete in green shirts.

·        Falcon House who compete in blue shirts.

·        Dhow House who compete in red shirts.

·        Pearl House who compete in yellow shirts.

Each house has four student House Captains.  The students are encouraged, whenever possible, to take responsibility for the organization and selection of teams for house events.  This is overseen by the staff House Captain for each house.

It is envisaged that all students will represent their house on several occasions during the school year, whether it be in an area where they excel or in an activity that they are trying for the first time. In this way students are given the opportunity to experience new activities in a supportive environment which will help to build confidence and encourage participation.