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 Travel and Tourism

Key Stage 5 - Travel & Tourism


When you are studying A Level Travel and Tourism at MIS you can expect to learn about the development of tourism in many different countries across the world. This will increase your knowledge and understanding of global societies and contribute to developing you into a global citizen.You will investigate the travel and tourism industry and look at the changes politically, socially, economically and technologically. You will study the importance of tourism to national economies. You will investigate change and development in the Tourist industry and look at the importance of customer service and care.One element of your course is coursework which involves planning and organising an event which will develop many leadership, organisational and presentational skills that are extremely valuable for later life.

Travel and Tourism A Level can combine well with other Arts subjects and is particularly useful for anyone considering a career in the Tourism industry or in fact any global organisation. It provides a valuable insight into global perspectives.

The A Level course followed at MIS is the International Cambridge syllabus.

Curriculum outline attached:

Travel & Tourism AS Year 12 Overview

Travel & Tourism A2 Year 13 Overview