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Key Stage 5 - Geography

When you are studying for Geography A Level at MIS you can expect to continue to build on the skills that you gained at GCSE and also build on your knowledge and understanding. You will continue to develop your interest in different places and have an even greater depth of understanding about different places across the world. It helps young people make sense of a complex and dynamically changing world. It explains where places are, how places and landscapes are formed, how people and their environment interact and how a diverse range of economies, societies and environments are interconnected. Geography inspires students to become global citizens by exploring their own place in the world, their values and their responsibilities to other people, to the environment and to the sustainability of the planet. Geography is a particularly valuable subject for any global citizen and it will combine well with Science A levels or Arts subjects.

Geographers learn a wide range of transferable skills which are highly thought of by employers. As a result, Geographers end up working in a wide variety of careers. For example, Engineering, Surveying, Flood Management, Town Planning, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality Management, Conservation, Logistics, Pilot, Environmental Management, Aid Work, Meteorologist, Volcanologist, Teacher, Waste Management, Energy e.t.c..

At MIS the A Level course that is followed is the Cambridge International syllabus.

Curriculum outline attached:

Geography AS  Overview

Geography A2  Overview