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 Business Studies

Key Stage 4 - Business Studies

The Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies is a two year course. As pupils progress they are introduced to new ideas, concepts and vocabulary while continuing to use and reinforce their application of this knowledge. The course is designed to give each pupil a good understanding of business in the context of International and Domestic markets.

Each pupil will complete the following sections:

·         Understanding business activity

·         People in business

·         Marketing

·         Operations management

·         Financial information and decisions

·         External influences on business activity


The aims, which are not listed in order of priority, are to enable pupils at MIS to:


·     Make effective use of relevant terminology, concepts and methods, and recognise the strengths and limitations of the ideas used in business.

·     Apply their knowledge and critical understanding to current issues and problems in a wide range of business contexts.

·     Distinguish between facts and opinions, and evaluate qualitative and quantitative data in order to help build arguments and make informed judgements.

·     Appreciate the perspectives of a range of stakeholders in relation to the business environment, individuals, society, government and enterprise.

·     Develop knowledge and understanding of the major groups and organisations within and outside business, and consider ways in which they are able to influence objectives, decisions and activities.

·     Develop knowledge and understanding of how the main types of businesses are organised, financed and operated, and how their relations with other organisations, consumers, employees, owners and society are regulated.

·     Develop skills of numeracy, literacy, enquiry, selection and use of relevant sources of information, presentation and interpretation.

·     Develop an awareness of the nature and significance of innovation and change within the context of business activities.



Paper 1 50% Written examination consisting of four questions requiring a mixture of short answers and structured data responses.

Paper 2 50% Written examination consisting of four questions based on a case study, provided as an Insert with the paper.

Candidates will receive grades from A* to G.


Business Studies helps pupils to develop an understanding of the world of work and is therefore of value in any career choice. Careers that benefit from Business Studies include: Management Consultancy, Marketing, Trading, Public Relations, Advertising, Banking, Accountancy and Sales.


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