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 Combined Science

Key Stage 4 Combined Science

The Cambridge IGCSE Combined Science is designed as a two year course with two levels of attainment – Core and Extended, the majority of students will study the Core syllabus at MIS. As students progress they will build on their knowledge of Scientific theory and investigation and develop a good understanding of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and their place in real-world scenarios.

Each student will study the following areas of Science:


·         Cells and living organisms

·         Enzymes and nutrition

·         Transportation in  animals and plants

·         Response to the environment

·         Reproduction and inheritance

·         Human influences on ecosystems



·         Particulate nature of matter

·         Atoms, elements, compounds and stoichiometry

·         Electricity and chemistry

·         Acids, bases and salts

·         The Periodic Table

·         Metals and Non-metals

·         Organic chemistry



·         Motion, matter and forces

·         Energy, work and power

·         Kinetic model of matter

·         Thermal energy

·         Waves, light, sound and electromagnetic spectrum

·         Electricity and magnetism

·         Electromagnetic fields

·         Radioactivity


Method of Assessment

Students will be assessed on their knowledge of both theory and practical skills in three papers as follows:

N.B. Students may sit the Core qualification, Paper 2 replaces Paper 3 but the time and weightings are the same for both, however the core qualification limits attainment to G to C grades only.


Paper 1 (30% of total marks)

(45 minutes)

A multiple-choice paper consisting of 40 items of the four-choice type.


Paper 2 (50% of total marks)

(2 hours)

Core curriculum – Grades C to G available

Core theory paper consisting of short-answer and structured questions, based on the core curriculum.


Paper 3 (50% of total marks)

(2 hours)

Extended curriculum – Grades A* to G available

Extended theory paper consisting of short-answer and structured questions. The questions will be based on all of the material, both from the core and supplement, and will allow candidates across the full ability range to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.


Paper 6 1 hour

Alternative to Practical

Weighted at 20% of total available marks




Students who follow the Combined course will not be able to move on to Science-based A’Level courses. However, the Combined qualification encourages analytical thinking which is a valuable skill in whatever career the student chooses to follow.


Science Combined Year 10 Download