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​KS4 English

English Language at Cambridge IGCSE is a two year programme and follows the English as a First Language IGCSE. Students are assessed through the course and, if appropriate, they move to a 2nd Language programme of study.  Both courses are globally recognised qualifications and can be studied at core or extended level. Both courses develop the students’ fluency, although there is more emphasis or oral fluency at English as a Second Language. Articulate, coherent and structured written communication is an essential skill for both courses, but the English as a Second Language has Listening and Speaking components as well. Students will read a variety of non-fiction texts and develop their skills of understanding explicit and implicit meaning, factual retrieval, the effect and meaning of language, the selection of relevant material, and summary writing.

The aims of IGCSE First and Second Language English at MIS are to:

  • enable students to understand and respond to what they hear, read and experience
  • enable students to communicate accurately, appropriately, confidently and effectively, both in writing and orally.
  • encourage students to enjoy and appreciate reading, writing and speaking language
  • complement students’ ability to work with information and ideas in other areas of study, for example, by developing skills of analysis, synthesis and the drawing of inferences
  • promote students’ personal development and an understanding of themselves and others.

Methods of Assessment:

There are a variety of course options in both English as a First Language and English at a Second Language and these can be tailored, to some extent, to suit student need. In essence assessment will be the following:

  • First Language English
  • 50% - Reading Paper Examination (Tiers Core or Extended)
  • 50% - Directed Writing Paper (Tier Core and Extended)
  • English as a Second Language (Tiers Core and Extended)
  • One 2 hour Reading and Writing examination (1 hour 30 minute Core)
  • One 50 minute Listening examination (40 minute Core)
  • One 15 minute Speaking examination.
  •  (The Speaking is internally marked and then externally moderated) 

In a global economy, the ability to use English effectively is an essential tool. At MIS we understand the differing needs of our students, and we strive to make them life-long effective communicators to the best of their ability. Skills in English allow our students to deconstruct the world around them; effective communication is vital in virtually all employment.

The Cambridge IGCSE English Literature is designed as two year course to develop the students’ knowledge of recognised literary tests from the Canon. Students are encouraged to recognise and analyse authorial techniques, the effects of language and how the human condition is portrayed in print. Students will develop their skills of analysis, structured and supported argument, and interpretation of other critical viewpoints. The course is designed to make students independent thinkers and to understand the power and effect of language. Students will study one prose text, one poetry text and one drama text from a prescribed list in the Cambridge specification and complete a coursework portfolio drawn, in part, from the texts studied.


Cambridge IGCSE Literature (English) aims to develop learners who:

  •         enjoy reading and become life-long readers
  •         experience literature from different cultures and contexts
  • structure responses to literature independently and imaginatively
  • understand the power of the written word and its importance in our development
  • explore literature and its importance in considering the human condition through that which makes us human

Method of Assessment:

Students will sit one examination in prose and poetry

  • An examination in drama and unseen analysis
  • Future Life:

    The study of Literature should prompt a life-long love of Literature and reading. The skills developed in the study of Literature are greatly recognised and regarded at university. In life beyond academia careers in politics, journalism, law, marketing, advertising and theatre all welcome Literature students wholeheartedly.

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