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 Qatar History

Key Stage 3 Qatar History

Students in Key Stage 3 study Qatar History and Citizenship as recommended by the Supreme Education Council of Qatar. Through this subject, students understand Qatar’s history from ancient times to present as part of the Arabian Peninsula as well as Arab, Islamic and world history. It helps the students understand the Qatar National Vision 2030 and how it is developing in human, social, economic and environmental fields. The Vision ‘outlines the goals that the country seeks to achieve by 2030. It also provides the general foundation for the progress of national plans and ensures they are implemented.

The students study

·         Qatar in ancient ages,

·         The spread of Islam in the Arabian Gulf, role of Gulf’s and Qatari citizens in spreading Islam,

·         Qatar and the Arabian Gulf region in modern age,

·         Colonial motives in the Arabian Gulf region, Stages of European competition for the region,

·         Conditions of the gulf region in 18th and 19th centuries,

·         Qatar under the Ottoman rule,

·         The contemporary history of Qatar,

·         The Qatari-British relations (Treaty of 1916-1935),

·         Rulers of the State of Qatar and their most important achievements,

·         Features of modern development in Qatar include Manifestations of political,

·         Economic and Social renaissance in Qatar.


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