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Key Stage 3 Modern Foreign Languages


MIS is home to a community of talented young linguists. Most of our students are bilingual, with some actually being multilingual! We are proud to be able to support a comprehensive modern languages curriculum giving all our students the opportunity to study languages at all levels preparing them for further education, employment and everyday life in a global community.


Students are also given the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities through the language department including trips, foreign film nights and Language days and assemblies.


During KS3 our students will develop the knowledge and understanding necessary for effective interaction in French or Spanish. Students will also develop some knowledge of the culture of French or Spanish speaking communities.


The KS3 MFL Curriculum aims to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. This is achieved by following a gradual process where students are presented with new language (grammar and vocabulary), given the opportunity to practise their language skills, and finally being able to take ownership and produce language independently.




·         Text books: French ( Expo), Spanish (Mira) 

·         Dual language dictionaries, verb books 

·         Interactive resources 

·         Language games 

·         Language Lab 




·         Students are assessed according to the UK National Curriculum Levels for MFL.  

·         Students do regular mini tests to assess their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. 

·         Students are given summative assessments at the end of each Unit of study. 

·         End of Year Examinations.




·         Students receive language homework according to the KS3 homework time table.  

·         Content: learning vocabulary and grammar, written assignments, research, preparation for speaking tests




·         Mr. S. Allali 

·         Ms. S. Mohammed  


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MFL Year 8 Download

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