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Art and Design at MIS

 School facilities

KeyStage 3 and 4 and 5 Art website curriculum statement 2018-19

The Art and Design department at MIS secondary school is close to being fully equipped to cater all the disciplines incorporated in the Fine Arts. Pupils are introduced to Art and Design at year 7 and continue in years 8 & 9 to develop their competence in the subject. In each year group pupils complete a variety of projects and focus on various topics relating to each project.   

Course structure

Students complete three creative projects throughout the school year. This is assessed by observing the students technical mark making skills, their conceptual understanding and their experimental ability. In Art and Design, we aim to explore; drawing, painting, 2-D and 3-D work, relief, printing, textiles, graphical drawing, art and computer graphic design, installation, architectural drawing and photography.  

Art & Design at Key Stage 3 

Pupils in Year 7 are introduced to the formal elements of Art and Design within the project based remit, linking their learning closely to their fellow Creative Arts subjects of Music and Drama. During term one, they will explore the origins of Italian art and the exploration of the Venice Carnival and its art forms.   In term two they will incorporate and explore in detail with geometry in term one, Colour theory in term two and finally exploring and creating natural forms in term three.

Pupils in Year 8 continue to build on their artistic techniques and studies of French influenced artists and their work by exploring relief and printing with a project on insects in term one, Op Art in term two and finally exploring and creating Pop Art in term three.

Pupils in Year 9 refine their art skills and practices by exploring Art and design throughout the decades using the themes of Portraits in term one, Natural forms and architecture in term two and finally exploring and creating African Art and Mask making in term three.

Pupils also undertake a GCSE taster project as a final unit in order to inform them of expectations and standards expected for GCSE level.

Pupils are assessed throughout in each year group by a variety of methods, which include: Classwork/ Homework, Completed project work and an end of year exam in the subject.

Art and design KS3 Curriculum Overview