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 Arabic 2nd Language

Key Stage 3 Arabic As A Second Language

Students will have the opportunity to study Arabic as a Second Language in Key Stage 3. Some will have studied Arabic in primary school or may be familiar with the alphabet and can read and write but not necessarily understand it. Topics studied in years 7, 8 and 9 are aimed towards the GCSE Arabic as a Second Language syllabus, which prepare the students for a variety of skills in the language for communicative purposes. Skills gained include listening, speaking, reading, writing, comprehension and translation.


In all years, assessment is ongoing throughout the year and there are end of topic tests, which measure the students’ skills. There are 2 a minimum of 2 assessments every term.

Year 7:

In year 7, students study the Arabic writing system & basic grammatical structures, Arabic letters and sounds, sentence & word order, getting to know people - greetings & basics of greetings, school & classroom, the family, house & home, numbers 1 to 20, colours, Days of the week & months of the year, the weather & seasons, telling the time, countries & languages, nationalities, food & drink, Hobbies & my favourite hobbies.

Year 8:

In year 8 Numbers 1 to 100, months, colours, ages & birthdays, the body, health & illnesses: describing symptoms, going to the doctor / dentist, my home, types of room, furniture & objects, shapes, describing things using adjectives, my school: going to school, means of transport, days of the week, telling the time, my area, giving & receiving directions, prepositions, the weather, shops & shopping are taught.


Year 9:


Topics include: Myself, family & extended family, personality, body & health, healthy lifestyle, school& school stationery, time & daily routine, Hobbies and favourite hobbies, asking questions, TV, radio, cinema, types of TV programmes & films, the Arab world: countries and capitals, landscape, countries of the Arab world: Egypt - Saudi Arabia, countries of the eastern Arab world, holidays & occasions and celebrating holidays.


Where possible, students will be give the opportunity to choose Arabic as a Second Language as a GCSE subject and take the exam at the end of year 11.

Yr 7 Arabic as a second language Curriculum Outline

Yr 8 Arabic as a second language Curriculum Outline

Yr 9 Arabic as a second language Curriculum Outline