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Key Stage 3 Literacy

At MIS we aim to provide a supportive, stimulating and secure environment where children are encouraged to express themselves orally and in writing. We provide for the literacy development of students and forefront literacy as a means for students to think, explore, recognise, interpret and communicate their ideas. We are committed to raising the standard of literacy in the school in an inclusive and supportive way. Our overall aim is to develop students who are efficient language users. Literacy is one of the school’s major foci, and time energy and resources are all allocated to achieving this aim. 

The library is a growing hub of the school and all students are given allocated time to access its growing resources. Reading is crucial in literacy development, and we promote the key concept that our students will read fluently, will enjoy a wide variety of texts and will become independent, analytical life-long readers and learners.


Similarly writing is an essential facet of the learning process. We are committed to raising the levels of written communication across the curriculum. Our aim is to develop effective writers, skilled in various forms of writing and adaptable to audience and purpose.


We believe that parents are vital to raising the standards of literacy in our students. We are committed to effective communication wit and support for parents as literacy facilitators.

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