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Key Stage 2 ICT

Vision: Technology in Teaching: A Pioneering Learner-Led Faculty.

We want to ensure the use of technology in teaching and learning is at the heart of everything we do. Our extensive curriculum is highly Technical, creative, analytical, practical and up to date.

ICT is a vital subject in helping children understands the digital world around them. Gaining computing skills at MIS will be useful for whatever they do in life and a stepping stone to further develop their ICT skills in the future.

In Years 3 to 6, your child will be taught to:

·               Use technology safely and respectfully, keeping their personal information safe.

·               Create a simple computer game using Scratch (link is external) using an interactive coding system.

·               Design the Emir’s Family Tree for Qatar History.

·               Creating a web page/flyer/presentation about cyber safety.

·               Learn to write and edit simple algorithms using HTML and Powerpoint diagrams.

               Create a leaflet design about activities at school using publishing software.

·               Design Mosaic images using symmetry and study creative designs to develop understanding.

·               Develop typing skills editing documentation and improving typing speed.

·               Research & Analyse information using search engines in a variety of ways in a geographical project.

·               Create a Spreadsheet promoting health awareness calculating costs applying formulae and formatting skills.

·               Take photos using a digital camera, transferring them to the hard drive and editing them.

·               Design bird’s eye view models of a playground and a classroom using 2-D and 3-D shapes.

·               Research historical aspects of life in a time period, arrange and gather information in a single publication/ presentation.

·               Find factual information about animals and collate in a table with image and fonts.

·               Identify and describe features in a description, whilst compiling a database of information