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 Art & DT

Art and Design in KS1

Art and Design are taught twice weekly with a cross-curricular focus, mainly linked to the geography or and history topic being taught each half term.  The displays in classrooms, shared Pod areas and communal parts of the school reflect the importance and standards of teaching in this area.  End products are all the work of the children and are always of a standard that the children are particularly proud of. 

Through the exciting learning opportunities offered our children are inspired, engaged and challenged and this is one subject that can be enjoyed by all.  The creative and imaginative curriculum that we have designed equips the children with appropriate skills and knowledge to experiment, record and invent independent ideas and forms of art.  Critical evaluation and expression for further development is integral to the learning experience.

We aim for all children to improve their proficiency in many art and craft and design techniques including drawing, painting and model making.  The children will develop their use of colour, texture, pattern, shape and form.  The children are encouraged to record their ideas in various forms and use key vocabulary to describe and analyse different subject matter.  We introduce the work of various artists both contemporary and from history for the children to gain a sense of impact both culturally and artistically. Different techniques are taught and opportunities given to emulate the various styles studied.