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This is no longer a discrete lesson that is taught in key stage 1 inline with the changes to the English National Curriculum.

It is now taught as part of year group or key stage assemblies where staff promote the development of healthy, caring, responsible and independent young individuals who can be nurtured within our secure and comfortable school environment.  Focus is given to our school aims ‘SCORE’ where children can succeed, be confident, responsible and effective members of our diverse community.

Through their participation in lessons children are encouraged to be driven and highly motivated with an emerging sense of their rights and responsibilities to become effective learners.  Outdoors activities, field trips and school events are all opportunities for children to represent themselves following the principles of ‘SCORE’. 

The children are also members of houses and learn to work together as a team, encouraging both an exceptional work ethic and impeccable behaviour and respect towards every member of the school family.

Our enquiry based approach to learning helps to foster respect for one another, tolerance and acceptance of one another’s ideas and opinions and an understanding that what makes us all different only enhances the unique opportunity that we have been given to learn from each other and together as a group.