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Science in KS1

Our children are given many opportunities to develop their curiosity and encouraged to ask questions about what they observe.  Through planned investigations, observations, comparative tests, sorting and classifying and research using secondary sources the children begin to develop their understanding of scientific ideas.

Simple scientific language is introduced to the children at the start of all lessons to develop their confidence when discussing concepts and communicating their ideas with their talk partners, teacher, in a small group or in front of the class.They share their ideas using language, drawings, simple charts, diagrams and tables.

Most success is gained when this subject can be delivered in a practical manner, offering our children ‘first hand experiences’.  This makes their learning ‘real’ and gives them the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding. 

Working scientifically is an ongoing process with methods and skills introduced to the children when relevant links can be made to elements of the Year 1 and Year 2 curriculum content.